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Extended business hours

To accommodate your busy schedule, we offer a FREE shop-at-home service for all your WINDSULATOR needs, by appointment. 

We will evaluate your windows, the trim, and the placement in order to determine if and how WINDSULATOR units can be installed effectively. We also provide pricing on these visits!


While our helpful designers and busy installers/production staff are almost always on the road during the day, our office is usually open between 10am - 2pm weekdays. 

Click or call anytime, and the appropriate team member will return your contact.

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Winter, meet the WINDSULATOR!

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Our Products & Services

WINDSULATOR, the easy, affordable solution to high energy costs from window problems: cold, drafty rooms, sweating and icing windows, "cold wall" effect, noise and pollen infiltration.  So skip the replacement window scene and all it's hassles with paint and trim and get WINDSULATOR magnetic inside storms.


WINDSULATOR combats thermal inefficiency for a fraction of the cost of replacement windows!  No more hiding behind heavy insulating curtains during Michigan's weather extremes and SAVE THAT PLASTIC WRAP FOR LEFTOVERS! 


A one time purchase of inside storms provides years of comfort and savings.  The magnetic seal makes using and removing the inside storms a snap; and the inside installation/placement insulates your windows without detracting from the original exterior architecture of the home.


Best of all, you'll never have to climb up a ladder struggling with a heavy glass and metal old-fashioned exterior storm again.  Simply place them in from inside the house!

About Us

WINDSULATOR units are used on all types of windows, whether they're sliding, double hung, casement, window walls, fixed units - even fireplace and skylight openings!  Whether they're historic home windows, stained glass, single pane or insulated units, the WINDSULATOR acrylic glazing merely adds another layer to the window making the existing window perform better thermally, all without obstructing the view like drawing heavy curtains, and without the hassle and claustrophobic feel associated with do-it-yourself shrinkwrap treatments. 

Some clients can avoid window replacement windows and improve thermal performance with the addition of WINDSULATOR units instead.  They can improve thermal performance on:

  • windows
  • door walls
  • skylights
  • fireplace openings
  • fixed glass units
  • commercial and residential

Owners of historic homes and specialty windows find WINDSULATOR provides much needed improvement in performance for a lot less money and without impact to the home's exterior.

We make WINDSULATOR in Novi Michigan so your purchase creates local jobs.  


WINDSULATOR units were developed decades ago when primarily sold through SEARS (at higher prices as SEARS needed to cover advertising and associated costs in the retail environment). We use decades-old pricing models and provide the same great concept and quality. We've heard from clients who continue to use their inside storms from the eighties.


Thermally superior to glass, acrylic is lighter weight which makes removal and usage easier for seniors, single homeowners, homeowners in general. The interior installation surpasses using heavy exterior glass storm window panels in terms of ease and safety!  Magnetic installation and lightweight acrylic makes WINDSULATOR usage a snap year after year!  Many clients use their inside panels year-round for maximum savings, while other clients remove the WINDSULATOR from operable windows and doors seasonally and store them away - much like you would a window screen when not in use.


Acrylic materials may be cleaned and or polished with a number of acrylic or plastic cleaners, or simply with a mild dishsoap not containing Lanolin (handcream), i.e. 3% Joy dishsoap in lukewarm water.  "Complete" furniture polish, available from local groceries, and a soft cloth to avoid marring works well.  Do not use paper towel.  WINDSULATOR acrylic is clear and a thermally superior way of adding another layer of glazing to your existing windows - it's an INSULATOR FOR YOUR WINDOWS!






Helping others in need in your community is possible with WINDSULATOR.  You can purchase energy saving and comfort gainiing interior storm windows for senior citizens, single parents, group homes, churches or other needy or at risk populations and family members.


Give the gift of warmer living spaces and reduced operating costs. Make a proactive step to aid in reducing utility consumption before shut-off notices begin or bills mount higher.  Discuss whether there would be tax benefits with your tax professional; but know that there is this alternative to the gift of food or money donations when you seek to help those in need.


You would need to meet our builder or designer at the location receiving the storms for a brief measure/pricing consultation and then WINDSULATOR would build and install the storm windows for you at the designated location.


Churches, hospitals, group homes, museums, non-profit centers, and other commerical buildings are great recipients for inside storm windows as they often have many and sometimes expansive windows and the occupants do not always have control of the thermostadt.  Contact 248-344-2544 for a FREE consultation for pricing.  Also, there are promotions for multiple window installs and your designer can discuss that with you at the meeting.